How many creme eggs is toooo many?…

Last week I managed to get back to usual running habits, going out 3 times, and each time I went out for at least 5k if not further šŸ™‚

It was nice slotting back into a routine, but I just have to learn to maintain that and realise that I run as a release from everyday stresses. When I’ve been for a run, I’m typically a nicer person.

On Sunday I went out for a nice boggy run in the forest with the lovely hardley runners! It was 100% worth the early morning wake-up call… the sun was shining may have been slightly windy but it was beautiful. At one point we were joined by some little dogs who obviously wanted to run with us more than walking with their owners!!

I was a little silly with my eating before hand… I had a McDonald’s breakfast… Not the best start to a morning and it repeated on me the whole time I was running. I’ve realised that I need to sort out my eating habits, where I’ve been highly stressed lately, I often turn to food as a comfort. This is an extremely slippery slope and I need to sort this out before it become a massive problem.

Last week I ate 20 creme eggs… Due to ‘not having time to for breakfast’ or feeling down and looking to chocolate as a pick me up. From now on, I will only have a treat if I feel I’ve worked hard for it.

Because 20 creme eggs is too many.


Missing home…

Yesterdays run mainly consisted of me finding new running routes in the area that I’ve moved too.

I’m very used to having little neighbourhoods to run round, the forest on my doorstep and even routes near to the sea so if its hot in the summer I could go for a dip! However, I’ve moved, I’m now officially a ‘townie’…. It’s safe to say I miss being a ‘villager’ šŸ˜¦

The last time I attempted to explore I got nervous and ended up going up and down the same piece of road! Yesterday, I was determined to find somewhere more like home… however for the first part of my run I just found horrible motorway. Eventually I saw a cut way, that lead to a beautiful wooded area… And then to a graveyard (not so beautiful and slightly creepy.) It was progress though, until I got lost haha! But getting lost was brilliant, I was out running for longer, I found a lovely park full of places for me to explore! But I must remember to wear my trail shoes there, road shoes were not a good idea and I was slipping and sliding everywhere!! Like a not very graceful walrus sliding on land…

It’s safe to say though, and I never thought I’d say this, I miss the forest. Its just more of an excuse to go out with the hardley runners on a Sunday morning! Although….. Do I really want to get out of bed that early???… We shall see…

P.s. Signed up for a triathlon!! It’s time to finally learn to ride a bike properly :O

P.p.s. Evil motorway running picture below.

The uncoordinated ballet runner…

So yes, this is a little bit delayed! But once I got home on Tuesday night, the only thing I could manage to do was hop in the shower and snuggle up in bed!

Tuesday nights training tession was tough for me, a real knock in my confidence. But I need to remember, I’m only just coming back to running, and because I remember the days when I could easily run 10 miles quite happily… that doesn’t mean my legs and my lungs remember.

Rome was not built in a day.

Tuesday nights session, was short hilly reps. But my body wasn’t really playing ball, during the run out my achilies were so tight that they felt bruised! After the warm up (where we realised I had no arm to leg coordination hence the title of this entry) they eased off, so I was trying not to worry about them. However, when we started the efforts, the more I went up the hills, the more my feet went numb! Until I couldnt feel them anymore…. Scary….

Luckily for us at hardley runners, we have amazing coaches who look after you, listen to every moan that comes out of my mouth, and helped me with some exercises for my achilies!

So… I need repeat to myself, do not get down about this, and DO NOT GIVE UP. Maybe a new pair of running shoes are in order?, some nice baths and research on achilies!

I might not be able to do it all now, but one day I will again.

A thought about headphones…

So… I’m one of those poeple who can’t possibly go out for a run (solo) or do a race without my headphones!

And my run today got me thinking, how much of a danger are they? I wear trekz aftershokz while running so my ears are free to hear cars and cyclists etc. Most road races have a no head phone policy, and I’m one of those people that no matter what have my headphones on!… I once hid my headphones in my hair to disguise them!

The reason many of these races don’t allow them is because its a danger, but where is the danger when the roads are shut? I guess you wouldn’t know if there was a faster runner behind you telling you that you need to get your fat buttocks out the way!

Out and about in general I understand they can be a danger, you could quite easily be hit by a car if you were unaware of what was coming?

But what would give you that push you need? What would stop you from listening to the voices in your head saying that you need to stop?

When my headphones are on I am transported to a far away land, where I’m not running, but I am however in my own rock concert dueting my incredible vocal talents with Bruce Dickinson… and then reality hits… and there is a woman staring at you with Tesco bags, while your running along miming to song lyrics along with eccentric hand movements… Embarrassing… But who cares! Some of my best race times were to some of my favourite tunes!

So now I ask the question, headphones yes or no? Risk or no risk?

My top 5 favourite running songs are:

  1. Aces high- Iron Maiden
  2. Seven nation army- The white stripes
  3. To be alive- Brother and Bone
  4. Diamond eyes- Shinedown
  5. You can call me Al- Paul Simon

My return to training…

Monday afternoon I was all hyped up and ready to go out running, I was going to try learn my area a bit better and explore find some new running routes!

However the world was against me, I’d managed to loose my running shoes! Impossible you may say… Or an excuse not to go out? But honestly, they’d obviously grown a new pair of legs and walked away! Eventually they were located back at my mums in applemore (phewwww) but I may of had a cheeky wine at lunch so couldn’t drive and get them! But I was all dressed and ready for the occasion, so after Ben had suggested padding out his shoes with 60 pairs of socks, I decided on yoga.

Back to the old faithful Geri halliwell dvd that served me through my marathon training. I was in the zone, ready to bend myself into nearly impossible positions…. My fat rolls were getting the way, cutting off my breathing… Maybe pyjamas would be more comfortable than lycra next time? But either way, MY BODY IS A TEMPLE AND I AM RELLLAAAXXXEDD.

Then came Tuesday… After retrieving my missing shoes, and some persuasion from Sally it was time (after a 4 month break) to return to training. I’ve never been so nervous to go to running club in all my life, I was sat in my car nearly having a heart attack trying to convince myself to open the door.

I definitely chose a hard one to come back on, mile efforts in one of the most hilly places in the waterside… Kill me. Hills are my weakness, I’ve never been good at them, but I have to say I really did try my hardest. The session was really tough, but with the help and support of the coaches and my fellow running buddies I managed to complete the session. And then was asked to review the local Chinese from Google afterwards because I’d ran past it that much haha!

The funny thing with running, is that during it feels like death… But the feeling afterwards feels like heaven. The buzz I get from running is unreal, and makes me feel like me again.

Pssst….Southampton half marathon booked.

Sweets from the arse….

Sunday morning just gone was my return to running club, and what a morning it was.

I woke up at the crack of dawn, grumbling as I didn’t want to leave my lovely warm bed, but Ben practically hoofed me out of it (revealing later that he would of used force if I hadn’t hurried up.) I searched the cupboards in hope to find running sustenance aka porridge, and found nothing, I was forced to eat a peanut butter bagel…. Peanut butter is a substance made from the devil set out to make you gag.

Either way, gagging or not I made it to the Sunday social run. I think most people were surprised to see me, as since November I’d practically disspeared off the face of the earth!

It was everything you’d expect a social run to be; muddy, wet, hilly and tons of laughs! I had emergency sweets in my back pocket that had become warm and moist (probably due to fat arse sweat) that kept me going in times when I needed a sugar boost! So I have suitably named these ‘arse sweets’, that’s one way to boost maoams sweet sales šŸ˜‰

It felt amazing to be back with club, I love all those people like family. And although I look like a complete lard arse in the photo below, the smile on my face says it all… I love being out, plodding away in the fresh air with my team mates and thighs clapping me along the way!!

Cleaning the cobwebs….

So… IĀ  did it. I went out running! Not a massive run, a very very tiny one but main thing is that I went out and I did it!

It really took me back to the days when I first started running, everything has returned…the burning of the lungs, the pain of running up hill and that really irritating shoulder stitch (I’m not sure if the shoulder stitch is the correct term but I’m going with it.)

Back when me and my boss first started the couch to 5K app back 3 years ago, we used to run from the salon and make our way to Dibden till’ the app told us to turn back. Each week we would get further and further towards our goal of 5K, and then we ran the race for life. I just have to tell myself that this will be a long process in coming back to club and it is definitely not going to happen over night like I want it to.

I had a nightmare the other night that I was kicked out of running club and was never allowed to return, maybe that nightmare has helped give me the kick to go out and run again??

So now, the question to run on Saturday or Sunday??? …..we shall see….

P.s. coughing like a 50 a day smoker, who said exercise was good for you?!?!?!

P.p.s. cant stop thinking about cheese.