Foaming from the arse….

This is my rather delayed post from Sundays marathon training, but what can I say… I’ve been busy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last week was a sort of ‘rest week’ where we were able to drop our milage back down to 13 miles, only to be followed next week by a 20 mile run…. But let’s not think about that!

I’ve been struggling lately with the heat, fair skinned people and 28ยฐC heat don’t tend to make a good combination. However, sunday, the rain returned! The whole entire time that we were running it completely threw it down, I’m surprised there wasn’t a bloke somewhere building an arc collecting 2×2 of every animal it was raining that much!

Julie planned us a route through the forest combining trail and gravel tracks, I expect if the sun was shining it would of been a beautiful run… however due to the rain, people’s washing powder was making a reappearance bubbling from what looked like our bums ๐Ÿ˜‚

I have to say though…. I loved the rain, I’ve missed it so much! The pros of running in the rain are as follows:

1. You don’t get so hot and bothered

2. Splashing in puddles is so fun

3. Who knows you sweating when your so wet from the rain?

20 miles next week, BRING IT ON.


Having flash backs…

Marathon training is definitely back in full swing! Yesterday ‘the dream team’ took on a 16 mile run in the middle of the UK’s current heatwave! The first 12 miles flew by, chipping away mile by mile, however the last few miles dragged with my constant moaning and fear of throwing up…. Sorry guys….

It’s safe to say I was having flash backs to the london marathon, hopefully in September it will of cooled down slightly? Because I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m suffering with ptsd whenever I go out running in the heat…

Luckily, we have the most supportive group of runners! Always encouraging eachother, and never leaving anyone behind. Sally and Sarah both amazed me with their resilience and positivity on what was their longest ever run! I can’t wait to watch them finish the marathon, I’m sure it will be an emotional one!

As for me, it’s back to no drinking on a Saturday night…. No lay ins on a Sunday…. And not much of a social life…. BUT plenty of junk food on a Sunday night ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s to the newforest marathon, 1 month and 23 days to go….. ๐Ÿ˜€

Note to self, must purchase running cap…. Even if I don’t look good in a hat, it’s better than spontaneously combusting….

Killer ferns….

I woke up this morning realising I have turned obese over night…. Well… Maybe over the last over indulgent weeks ๐Ÿ˜‰ And its time I did something about it and sorted out my rippling thighs!!… But it is a heatwave…. So motivation is at an all time low…

This evening was a lovely social run through a very… Very… Hard newforest (and before you ask, no I’m not interested in the pigging football.) I’m not used to running in the forest and not returning home covered in mud! I’ve actually returned tonight with a dusting of well… Muddy dust instead ๐Ÿ˜‚

We as a group had 2 near death experiences tonight…

1st. Ferns are apparently secret death traps that when you breathe in whatever they release it poisons you… So if I’m here tomorrow its a miracle.

2. Trains, big fast moving trains, giuliana’s spider senses were tingling and thought there was a train coming, then before you knew it (with all of us safely over the train line) BOOM there’s a train!

But other than my legs wanting to pack up, and inhaling a few flies it was again a lovely run with some of my favourite people, gotta love our club, they’re supportive, funny and an amazing bunch of people ๐Ÿ™‚

P.s. Any of you out there with camalbaks…. I now no how to stop it sloshing ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

My first rr10…

“Do an rr10” they say….. “It’ll be fun” they say…

Tonight, was my first ever rr10, a bunch of free races that happen on a couple of Wednesdays a month. I have been part of the club for two years now and have always been too scared to take part… Why? Because what if I’m last??, that’s blooming why!!!

Of course, I was not last, but I was slow… I’m pretty sure I spotted a sloth over taking me at one point! The hills on the course were evil, whoever said ‘hills are friends’ is a liar… They deplete your energy levels after the first mile, no mars bar was brining me back from that hill! Despite my constant moaning the race went really quite fast, so fast that I did my sprint finish before I’d even reached the finish line! It was still down the road, around a few bends and over a little hill away haha!

I reached the end, looking like I’d been dipped in a pool of sweat and painted red, probably with about 10 half alive flies attached to my face… I smelt that bad that honestly there was roughly three flies circling my head space.

But… Looking back…. It wasn’t THAT bad, you never no, might see me at the next one ๐Ÿ˜‰

Note to self, must get quicker and invest in multiple sweat bands…. I’m gonna look so sexy hahahaha

When all else fails… Run.

There are times in life, when you recieve news you never believed you’d have to hear. And when those times come, what do you do? Some people eat chocolate, listen to music, binge drink down the pub… I guess I write blogs and run?

This Tuesday, the hardley social runners took on the lepe loop! I have only done this run once or twice…. I was not expecting to run through what felt like a jungle built up of mainly stinging nettles!!

Although, despite the nettles making your legs look like you have some strange skin condition, it’s actually a lovely route. You run through a corn field (actually wheat) then down to the beach where Ray and Linda even went for a dip in the sea!!…. Surely that water is colder than the North Pole?? On the way back to the pub we ran across some stepping stones…. And yes, I had a ‘danii’ moment… Where I wondered if the stones had always been there? Apparently not. Julie took the mick (as usual) saying that they were a ‘stepping stoneous’ a rare rock formation made into perfect concrete circles…. I am a twat aren’t I?

But it was a lush run on nice summer evening, my club as always managed to cheer me up when I didnt no how to put a smile back on my face.

This post, is for lewie. Thankyou for encouraging me every step of the way to my marathon, thankyou for listening to me moan about how bad my legs and feet ached while you were in a hospital bed, but most of all thankyou for being an amazing friend. You were an inspiration to every single one of us, I will always and forever miss you.

Follow the leader…

I don’t know why but since Endure24 on the weekend, I feel like I’ve been walking around like a zombie still half asleep from exhaustion. I may be 23, but my body is no temple and has the physical age ofย a 90 year old.

So, race updates, I currently have 3 on the horizon! I have another team event slightly like Endure coming up in august that I’m very excited to inform you all about when the time comes. This week I’ve also signed up to take part in Hell Down South, part of the Hell runner series, a gruelling 10 mile course with hills of hell and bogs of DOOOOOM in late November (must remember to pack thermals). And last but by no means least, I have another marathon on the cards…. balls.

I obviously have forgotten about all the weeks and weeks and WEEKS of training thatย a marathon takes, so much so that I think the training plan should have started a few weeks back… whoops. I followed the crowd and signed up for the new forest marathon, there isย a big bunch of Hardley runners taking it on, so at least I wont be alone out there with my running family by my side ๐Ÿ™‚ I plan to enjoy this marathon more than London, its quieter, nicer scenery and I will not make the mistake of removing my beloved headphones. The thingย is I have definitely gotย the time to train for this marathon, after all I have next to no social life and I don’t have a boyfriend getting in my way (although for any single readers, the position is open and offers may comment below, wink wink) so I plan to smash this marathon and really enjoy myself ๐Ÿ™‚

So here is to the next few months of training! I shall be Fat girl to maybe a six pack girl….. HAHA NOT, I like cheese too much.

A tale of endurance…

This weekend me and my fellow hardley runners took on endure 24, a race that lasts 24 hours, designed to not only test your mental stability but also perhaps slightly kill you…

I had never been proper camping before, so I tried to make the most of the experience, by going up the evening before… Silly, silly idea. You wake on the morning of your race, sleep deprived, slightly frozen and looking like a troll. All through the night your constantly woken by not only the smell of portaloos, but the constant banging of the doors closing every five minutes.

At 12.00 the race begins, all people who were smart enough to not camp the night before arrive looking fresh faced and ready for action. Everyone went down to the start line to watch the first runners set off, the atmosphere is electric, with music, cheering and thousands of runners.

I was second in the running order of my team, you wait in a change over pen looking into the distance for your fellow team mate. Every team has various different blow up items so you can find your team mate with ease. Our item, was a 6foot palm tree (flashing lights included) that everyone wanted to comment on…

The hardest part of the race is getting up in the dead of night, poor Sarah had the task of waking me up at 2.20am… I think everyone in my team was nervous that I wouldn’t wake up from my slumber… I grumpily dragged myself out of my condensation soaked tent only to realise my chest torch had decided it no longer wanted to work! Thankgod Sharon had a spare one and let me borrow it. On my trek back to the start line one of the fast guys stopped me (and the giant palm tree) to inform me that I was on the ‘graveyard shift’… It was strange out there misty and cool, with the odd head torch following you from behind. I nearly fell asleep on the palm tree in the change over pen, who knew you could fall asleep stood up?

I think I slept most out of all the runners, I have a talent of being able to sleep anywhere, in wet tents, on inflatable palm trees and on a bean bag with roughly ten other conversations going on around me…

The best lap was my fourth and final lap, two of my team mates Sarah and Andy went with me for moral support. Andy Beasted me around that course, making sure I put 100% effort into my last lap, I couldn’t of done it without him! At the end everyone was cheering me in, telling me not to cry… I replied with ‘f*** that sh*it’… After all I’m an endurance runner now, there’s no time for crying ๐Ÿ˜‰

Endure 24 was incredible. It was insanely hard, with hills the size of mountains…. But every hardley runner out on that course, despite how many laps they did were legends.

So now…. Im currently burnt to a crisp, with ridiculous burn lines, stupidly dehydrated and slightly sleep deprived… But would I do it again? 100%.